PO Box 71033
1008 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Project Leader

Dr. Maarten Loos


Phone number:  +31 20 598 355 5

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Project Staff

Bastijn Koopmans

Chief technology officer

Phone number:  +31 20 598 355 5

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Institute presentation

Sylics Bioinformatics Department offers cloud-based bioinformatics services through its AHCODA platform for the analysis of rodent behaviour using automated home-cage systems. Sylics Contract Research Department provides preclinical behavioural profiling of mouse models and drug interventions using a wide variety of conventional preclinical tests as well as its AHCODA platform. Sylics will contribute historical data to EQIPD, participate in ring testing and co-lead the data management work package.

FIGURE TITLE: Cloud-based solutions for automated behavioural screens