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Public Deliverables

Within IMI 2-funded projects, ‘Deliverables’ are “outputs that must be produced at a given moment” during the project. This includes, for example, detailed information on the scientific progress of a specific task, a research manuscript, a special report, a technical diagram, a brochure, a software, or another important “building block”. As soon as such a deliverable has been completed, a detailed deliverable report is required to be submitted to and checked by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking (IMI 2 JU).

The following public EQIPD deliverable reports are public:

Summary report of third research period (Jan 2019 – Dec 2019)

Final report (February 2022)

WP1 – Project management and oversight

Deliverable Report D1.1 – First press release

Deliverable Report D1.4 – Release of project website public and internal part, communication package (logo, flyer, social media announcement)

Deliverable Report 1.5 – First quarterly electronic bulletin

WP4 – Prospective cross-site validation of guiding principles in specific assay

Deliverable Report D4.1 – Obtain ethical approval for cross-site validation studies and ring testing

Deliverable Report D4.2 – With input from WPs 2 and 3 develop harmonised protocols for cross validation testing

WP5 – New quality management system in emerging and classical technologies to improve preclinical robustness

Deliverable Report D5.3 – Quality reporting module in research
software (prototype)

Deliverable Report D5.4 – Final version of quality assurance system ready for implementation in industry and academia in non-regulated research

WP7 – E-learning course on scientific quality

Deliverable Report D7.1 – Evaluation of Existing Training Modules

Deliverable Report D7.2 – Structure and first incentives for electronic community enabling social learning, hosted on a web-based platform

WP8 – Data management

Deliverable Report D8.1 – Data Inclusion Protocol

Deliverable Report D8.2 – 1st Technical diagram of EQIPD-DWH

Deliverable Report D8.5 – Data sharing procedures beyond EQIPD