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EQIPD Newsletter 4 – Summer 2019

Have you been scorched by this year’s summer heat all over Europe already? Here are more hot summer-news from the EQIPD project: Find out more about the flaming-fresh series of 9 “EQIPD video blasts’’, our next Summer School, the EQIPD session at the annual ECNP Congress, and about the kick-off of implementing the new Quality Management System (QMS) for preclinical data – one of the key goals of EQIPD!

EQIPD Newsletter 3 – Spring 2019

Check out the updates on the outcome of the Alzheimer systematic review, the EQIPD brainstorming session at ECNP, and more in the newest version of our newsletter!

EQIPD Newsletter 2 – Fall 2018

The EQIPD project was presented at the PreNeuroscience 2018 Seminar and Networking event that took place on 2 November 2018 in
conjunction with the Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) annual meeting in San Diego, California, USA, to create awareness in the USA as well – Download our 2nd newsletter to see more updates and news!

EQIPD Newsletter 1 – Spring 2018

Read our first newsletter!


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