Research units that have successfully implemented the EQIPD Quality System and received a certificate already

N.B. only organizations that consented to making their details public are listed

  • German Mouse Clinic, Institute of Experimental Genetics (IEG), Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health (GmbH) – LINK 
  • Lab of Prof Dr Gernot Riedel, University of Aberdeen, Institute of Medical Sciences, Foresterhill – LINK 
  • Lab of Prof Dr Martien J.H. Kas, Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES), Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Groningen – LINK 
  • Research Division Preclinical Research, In vivo Pharmacology, Fraunhofer Institute for Translational Medicine and Pharmacology ITMP, Industriepark Höchst – LINK 
  • Department of Behavioral Neuroscience and Drug Development, Maj Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Science – LINK