The development of new medicines has slowed dramatically in the past decade. The EQIPD project tackles the root causes of this problem, and aims to reverse this trend.


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NEWS | 15 June 2021

EQIPD Newsletter 8 - Spring 2021

In the newest edition of the newsletter, find out more about the highlights of the EQIPD General Assembly meeting, the new project collaborations, CAMARADES winning the BNA’s ‘Credibility Prize’ and details on the 34th ECNP congress.


NEWS | 15 June 2021

Online EQIPD Summer School “Improving preclinical data quality and robustness” 2021 - Successfully completed!

Due to the pandemic the third EQIPD Summer School entitled “Improving preclinical data quality and robustness” was held online.

Please find more information concerning the program here:


NEWS | 19 January 2021

EQIPD meets IMI-PainCare

The need of quality standards in preclinical research is a topic gaining attention in the last years, especially in translational research. The IMI-PainCare consortium have reached out EQIPD to collaborate in assessing the study design and data analysis for their studies within subgroups BioPain and TRiPP. This collaboration will ensure equivalent quality standards in preclinical research among their project members, allowing for a successful reproducibility, reducing failure rates and the time and costs associated. EQIPD welcomes  IMI-Pain Care to the team and looks forward to the outputs of this collaboration.

IMI-Pain Care